lördag 17 januari 2009

As I write in the simpelest form
our legs break in the nothingness
im hollow
just like you said I would be
a wonderfull mind
stuck under my bed
dreams like sand
we drown our sorrows for It's value
for It's shallow story
your words seems so sad
as I cry for you
your hands touch my skin
and we still don't belive
in my simple form to,
to explane how wrong we are

you are blind
just as blind as I thought you might be

© Linnéa Sjöholm

Helt plötsligt finner jag det lättare att skriva på engelska.
Jag är fast, fast i det du inte trodde på.

2 kommentarer:

Vaginan sa...

Tyska nästa mein begåvet kind?

Sidekick rings, "what's up? holla!" sa...

Na na inte tyska, ich bin small ju haha